My name is Kirsten. I live in Michigan with my husband, Steve, and 5 cats: George, Mercury, Billy, Gracie, and Chloe. You can find photos of my cats on my Instagram. They definitely keep us on our toes! I've been involved in fiber arts in one way or another since childhood - my mom taught me sewing, cross stitch, and a little bit of crochet. Later, I was able to teach myself knitting and spinning.

I'm a medical scientist by trade - I'm a microbiologist and run the molecular diagnostics department in a medium sized hospital lab. My main duties are to keep the molecular department in compliance while performing testing on the bench. In molecular, that means PCR tests for STI's, infectious diseases, particularly respiratory testing these past 4 years - COVID, Flu, and RSV testing. When I'm in microbiology, I'm looking at petri dishes with a nutrative agar in them that we swab with patient samples. The bacteria grows visibly on the agar gel, and we identify the bacteria that's growing as well as test them for which antibiotics they're sensitive to.

While I'm a scientist, I also love playing with colors. I use paints, markers, and colored pencils to make my own creations or to work on coloring books. I just love the way colors play together. When I started spinning, it became inevitable that I would begin dying both unspun fiber and yarn. It's definitely a side job for me though, so for now, I'll be doing pre-order launches. I'll create a few colorways on multiple bases, open up for pre-order for a set amount of time (that will likely change with popularity), close it, order supplies, create, and ship. After a few of those, I'll hopefully be able to switch to having set inventory to create with and list as available so that they can ship right away.

If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out! You can comment on my instagram or email me.
My email is Kirsten at (replace at with @ and remove spaces)